John’s written several articles for me and they’ve been consistently excellent quality. He’s mastered multiple voices for different products and niches, and everything’s been well-researched and well-written. With other writers, I’d find myself treating their work as a first draft and reworking it myself into something usable; with John, I can take what he’s given me and use it right away.

Neil Murton

I hire a lot of writers for various projects in my company. The quality you find online these days is hit-or-miss. Working with John has been a great experience in terms of quality and speed of delivery. The writing is engaging and interesting. The quality is excellent. The speed of delivery has been faster than promised. I highly recommend John’s writing services – you will be very pleased!

Justin Popovic

Co-founder, Tools for Motivation

Impressive! In my 18+ year career doing business online, I’ve had the opportunity to hire many different writers for various projects. Every once in a while, a particular writer stands out far above the crowd with their writing skills. Among those few, I dare say John is the best I’ve used. He not only knows how to write effectively, he knows how to compose, and draw the interest of the reader. Thank you, John, for your stellar work!

Gene Pimentel

Owner, Marketer's Advantage

For the past 6 years, I have been building a content business. In this time, I have had to work with countless freelancers. We always need writers, and sometimes finding the appropriate quality is tough.

I’ve dealt with the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

I was lucky enough to connect with John a few years ago, and he definitely falls into the “good” category. Better than good. Through all the ups and downs of of the past few years, John has always been the constant. A steadying force that delivers high quality writing, can produce great content on even the most obscure of subjects and hits his deadlines.

I find John to be a pleasure to work with, and a breath of fresh air in the freelance world. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great writer.

Ted Payne

Partner, Tools for Motivation

John is a rare example of a writer who is talented, business savvy, punctual and reasonably priced. He’s proactive in suggesting ways to create more value from your topics and the end result is always high quality content you’ll be proud to show your clients.

Matt Byers

Owner, Smart Growth Labs

I’ve gotten John to do some articles for me and I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the results. He has wonderful writing skills and produces articles that are easy to read and have a consistent flow. Not only did he follow my instructions to the letter, but kept in touch with me as to when the articles would be ready. The topics I gave him were very diverse in nature. John created well-researched articles of excellent quality at a great price.

Heather Trondson