john-at-starbucksHi. I’m John. I’m an omnivorous and voracious reader and writer who understands that the most powerful and elegant thing in the world is a well-turned phrase.

I write for people with brains. Why?

Because the number one way to reach customers, make money, and achieve your goals is with quality content. Content is, and always has been, king.

Five or ten years ago, people would throw an old and badly written article into a spinner, toss the barely literate result onto their site, and call it good. Back then, I told my customers that well-written, quality copy is what would rank their sites and win the hearts and minds of their audience.

Some listened; most didn’t.

Those who didn’t were very often the same customers who took a hit when a certain search engine giant made changes to its algorithm to weed out useless content and illiterate copy.

Over the same time, I’ve also watched the average article length creep from 300 words to 400 words to 500 words, until today 800-1000 words is the norm.

But do you know what?

A badly-written 1000-word article is like a slow tooth extraction. Longer doesn’t make it better.

Google is still looking for the same thing it was looking for five years ago – quality copy that is unique, relevant, and engaging. You engage your audience by giving them relevant information in a literate manner. You educate. You entertain. It’s that simple. It always has been.

That’s why I write for people with brains.

They get it.

They understand that quality copy is everything. They also understand that quality copy isn’t cheap.

They realize that you do get exactly what you pay for. They realize that investing in the very best copy is also an investment in their future success. They get that the best copy, like gold and silver, is a way to store value.

They get it.

The question is, do you?